En vol

En vol
Image de la superbe chaise de l'artiste SAB

mardi 19 juillet 2011

Giverny again!

Check this here, for more details about a moving experience in Normandy. Scroll back to the details concerning my unexpected find in Monet's village. Something to write home and one's friends about.
Enjoy the summer, even if for some of you it is wintertime - like in N.Z!

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  1. From Jack Maddox, from New-Zealand, this beautiful text on Gratitude :

    Taken from 'The Sisters of Hunua':

    "We are grateful for abundant truth
    We are grateful for everlasting love
    We are grateful for glorious health
    We are grateful for freedom from fear
    We are grateful for the great supply of earth resources
    We are grateful for the endurance of physical and spiritual strength
    We are grateful we can see the future through the newness of each day

    We join with all the creatures of our Mother Earth in glorious songs
    of praise and thanksgiving for the abundant life that is ours."